Born in Southern California, SnowGlobe Studios focuses on visual
storytelling. We work with individuals and companies from all walks
of life. We are always looking to work with people with passion and
new ideas. We focus on great looking media, mostly 4K with an amazing
story behind it. From commercials, promos, documentaries,
behind-the-scenes, corporate and sports.

We are a full service video production company and we look forward to working
with you on any and all
aspects of your video
production needs.
Video production is our profession but story telling is our passion.  we are always on the lookout for an interesting topic to explore from an compelling perspective.
We recognize the best in people and organizations
and bring both creative and business expertise to the
task of highlighting that
value in an engaging manner.
Every project is a partnership. We enjoy work-
ing with passionate people who have a unique perspective and want to share a story.
Life moves fast. Our social networks are a great way to keep up in touch and get the latest updates. Check us out!